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WEGO: a web tool for plotting GO annotations
WEGO (Web Gene Ontology Annotation Plot) is a simple but useful tool for visualizing, comparing and plotting GO annotation results, designed to deal with the directed acyclic graph structure of GO to facilitate histogram creation of Go annotation results. Expand
FastGCN: Fast Learning with Graph Convolutional Networks via Importance Sampling
Enhanced with importance sampling, FastGCN not only is efficient for training but also generalizes well for inference, and is orders of magnitude more efficient while predictions remain comparably accurate. Expand
Approach to Group Decision Making Based on Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Judgment Matrices
Abstract In this article, the ordered weighted aggregation operator and hybrid aggregation operator are developed for aggregating interval-valued intuitionistic preference information.Expand
A continuous asymptotic tracking control strategy for uncertain nonlinear systems
A new continuous control mechanism that compensates for uncertainty in a class of high-order, multiple-input-multiple-output nonlinear systems is presented and a new Lyapunov-based stability argument is employed to prove semiglobal asymptotic tracking. Expand
Community cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis: the CAMERA resource
CAMERA collects and links metadata relevant to environmental metagenome data sets with annotation in a semantically-aware environment allowing users to write expressive semantic queries against the database. Expand
Some models for deriving the priority weights from interval fuzzy preference relations
Some simple and practical linear programming models for deriving the priority weights from various interval fuzzy preference relations are established, and two numerical examples are provided to illustrate the developed models. Expand
What leads to post-implementation success of ERP? An empirical study of the Chinese retail industry
An integrative model to explain the post-implementation success of ERP, based on the Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) theory is developed and it is posited that ERP implementation quality, organizational readiness, and external support will positively affect thePost-im implementation success ofERP. Expand
EvolveGCN: Evolving Graph Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Graphs
This work proposes EvolveGCN, which adapts the graph convolutional network (GCN) model along the temporal dimension without resorting to node embeddings, and captures the dynamism of the graph sequence through using an RNN to evolve the GCN parameters. Expand
On Geometric Aggregation over Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information
  • Zeshui Xu, Jian Jhen Chen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Fourth International Conference on Fuzzy Systems…
  • 24 August 2007
This work develops some interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy geometric operators, and applies the developed operators to solve a multiple attribute decision-making problem involving the prioritization of a set of information technology improvement projects. Expand
DAG-GNN: DAG Structure Learning with Graph Neural Networks
A deep generative model is proposed and a variant of the structural constraint to learn the DAG is applied that learns more accurate graphs for nonlinearly generated samples; and on benchmark data sets with discrete variables, the learned graphs are reasonably close to the global optima. Expand