Jian Hui Tian

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We have shown previously that partial inhibition of the cardiac myocyte Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase activates signal pathways that regulate myocyte growth and growth-related genes and that increases in intracellular Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are two essential second messengers within these pathways. The aim of this work was(More)
Organic aerosol (OA) particles affect climate forcing and human health, but their sources and evolution remain poorly characterized. We present a unifying model framework describing the atmospheric evolution of OA that is constrained by high-time-resolution measurements of its composition, volatility, and oxidation state. OA and OA precursor gases evolve by(More)
A new human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell line with a highly metastatic potential was established from subcutaneous xenograft of a metastatic model of human HCC in nude mice (LCI-D20) by means of alternating cell culture in vitro and growth in nude mice. The line, designated MHCC97, has been cultivated for 18 months and subcultured for more than 90(More)
1. The present study was designed to investigate further the effects of the newly discovered orphanin FQ (OFQ)-the endogenous ligand for the orphan opioid receptor (called, e.g., ORL, and LC132)-on pain modulation in the rat. We used the tail-flick assay as a nociceptive index. 2. When injected into a cerebral ventricle, OFQ (4 fmol-10 nmol) has no effect(More)
To develop a murine model system to test the role of monocyte-derived macrophage in atherosclerosis, the osteopetrotic (op) mutation in the macrophage colony-stimulating factor gene was bred onto the apolipoprotein E (apoE)-deficient background. The doubly mutant (op/apoE-deficient) mice fed a low-fat chow diet had significantly smaller proximal aortic(More)
Purple acid phosphatases (PAPs) are a family of metallo-phosphoesterases involved in a variety of physiological functions, especially phosphate deficiency adaptations in plants. We identified 26 putative PAP genes by a genome-wide analysis of rice (Oryza sativa), 24 of which have isolated EST sequences in the dbEST database. Amino acid sequence analysis(More)
In order to observe further the proliferation and kinetic changes of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus (HFRSV) in Leptotrombidium (L.) Scutellare infected with HFRSV, the raised Leptotrombidium (L.) Scutellare which were at larve stage or at nymph stage were grinded and sterilized by filtration at interval of 20 days, each batch of the filtrate(More)
Using the yeast two-hybrid system with syntaxin-1A as bait, we isolated soluble NSF attachment protein (SNAP)-29 from a human brain cDNA library. Synaptosomal fractionation and immunocytochemical staining of hippocampal neurons in culture showed that SNAP-29 is present at synapses and is predominantly associated with synaptic vesicles. The interaction of(More)
BACKGROUND The carboxy-terminus of the merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP1) of Plasmodium falciparum has been implicated as a target of protective immunity. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two recombinant proteins from the carboxy-terminus of MSP1, the 42 kD fused to GST (bMSP1(42)) and the 19 kD (yMSP1(19)), were expressed in Escherichia coli and secreted from(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Depression occurs frequently in PD; however the neural basis of depression in PD remains unclear. The aim of this study was to characterize possible depression-related white matter microstructural changes in the thalamus of patients with DPD compared with those with NDPD. MATERIALS AND METHODS FA and MD maps from DTI were obtained(More)