Jian-Hueng Chen

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In this paper, we propose a signal-channel speech enhancement algorithm by applying the conventional Wiener filter in the spectro-temporal modulation domain. The multi-resolution spectro-temporal analysis and synthesis framework for Fourier spectrograms [12] is extended to the analysis-modification-synthesis (AMS) framework for speech enhancement. Compared(More)
In this paper, we propose a voice activity detection (VAD) algorithm based on spectro-temporal modulation structures of input sounds. A multi-resolution spectro-temporal analysis framework is used to inspect prominent speech structures. By comparing with an adaptive threshold, the proposed VAD distinguishes speech from non-speech based on the energy of the(More)
A joint spectro-temporal auditory model is utilized to assess speech quality objectively. The model mimics early and central auditory functions and serves as a spectro-temporal modulation filterbank. Three perceptual relevant parameters, intelligibility, clarity and naturalness, are addressed by the model and are combined to estimate the subjective mean(More)
A spectro-temporal modulation based singing voice detection cascaded with a Viterbi based pitch tracking algorithm is proposed in this paper for singing-voice separation from monaural recordings. To detect the singing voice, the spectrotemporal modulation energy related to voice harmonics is extracted using a spectro-temporal modulation analysis framework(More)
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