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A family of genes including ETR1, ETR2, EIN4, ERS1, and ERS2 is implicated in ethylene perception in Arabidopsis thaliana. As only dominant mutations were previously available for these genes, it was unclear whether all of them are components in the ethylene signaling pathway and whether they code for positive or negative regulators of ethylene responses.(More)
Plant growth homeostasis and defense responses are regulated by BONZAI1 (BON1), an evolutionarily conserved gene. Here, we show that growth regulation by BON1 is mediated through defense responses. BON1 is a negative regulator of a haplotype-specific Resistance (R) gene SNC1. The bon1-1 loss-of-function mutation activates SNC1, leading to constitutive(More)
An elevated growth temperature often inhibits plant defense responses and renders plants more susceptible to pathogens. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this modulation are unknown. To genetically dissect this regulation, we isolated mutants that retain disease resistance at a higher growth temperature in Arabidopsis. One such heat-stable mutant(More)
In order to deter cyber terrorism, it is important to identify the terrorists, since punishment may not deter them. The identification probability relies heavily on tracking cyber terrorists. However, there are legal and technical challenges to tracking terrorists. This paper proposes suggestions and insights on overcoming these challenges. Three types of(More)
  • Susan E K Christoffersen, Donald B Keim, David K Musto, David Musto, Sameer Bhatnagar, Bobby Boutilier +4 others
  • 2007
Until recently, all Canadian mutual funds were required to disclose all their individual trades, offering a unique and ideal opportunity to measure and analyze the cost and performance of mutual funds' trades. We find that active management delivers both cheaper trades and better subsequent performance, and that the dissipative effect of flow-driven(More)
BACKGROUND Isoflurane administration is known to increase extracellular dopamine (DA) concentration. Because the dopamine transporter (DAT) is a key regulator of DA, it is likely affected by isoflurane. This study investigates the hypothesis that isoflurane inhibits DA reuptake by causing DAT to be trafficked into the cell. METHODS Rhesus monkeys were(More)
An 80-year-old man was admitted to our hospital because of severe thrombocytopenia. He was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenia, and prednisolone together with eltrombopag was started, leading to significant improvement of platelet counts. Four years later, there was a prominent increase of peripheral blood monocytes, which was accompanied by(More)