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With the flooding of pornographic information on the Internet, how to keep people away from that offensive information is becoming one of the most important research areas in network information security. Some applications which can block or filter such information are used. Approaches in those systems can be roughly classified into two kinds: metadata(More)
Segmentation is a key process of 2-D barcode identification. In this paper we propose two 2-D barcode image segmentation algorithms under complex background. The first algorithm is an expansion of multi-scale morphology reconstruction and it can acquire a good segmentation result. However, this algorithm is not suitable for fast real-time image processing(More)
Fast image search with efficient additive kernels and kernel locality-sensitive hashing has been proposed. As to hold the kernel functions, recent work has probed methods to create locality-sensitive hashing, which guarantee our approach's linear time; however existing methods still do not solve the problem of locality-sensitive hashing (LSH) algorithm and(More)