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PURPOSE To explore intratumor heterogeneity in gene expression profiles from patients with cervical cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN A total of 33 biopsies were obtained from 11 patients, sampling between two and five different areas for each tumor. The extracted RNA was hybridized onto the Affymetrix U133 Plus 2.0 oligonucleotide chip. The variance of(More)
The unique feature of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is its almost universal association with the EBV, which is expressed in a latent form exclusively in cancer cells, and not in the surrounding tissues. We have exploited this differential by constructing a novel replication-deficient adenovirus vector (ad5.oriP) in which transgene expression is under(More)
Segmentation is a key process of 2-D barcode identification. In this paper we propose two 2-D barcode image segmentation algorithms under complex background. The first algorithm is an expansion of multi-scale morphology reconstruction and it can acquire a good segmentation result. However, this algorithm is not suitable for fast real-time image processing(More)
[Purpose] Lower-limb spasticity after stroke may be associated with worse functional outcome. Our study aim was to establish whether a low-dose botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) injection in subacute stroke patients can improve spasticity, gait, and daily living abilities. [Subjects] Twenty-three subacute stroke patients were randomly allocated to BTX-A treatment(More)