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Among basidiomycetous yeast strains isolated from wilting leaves of various plants in China, two groups of Pseudozyma strains were distinguished from the others by morphological and physiological characterization. Molecular taxonomic analysis based on sequencing of the large subunit (26S) rRNA gene D1/D2 domain and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region(More)
In a taxonomic study on the ascomycetous yeasts isolated from plant materials collected in tropical forests in Yunnan and Hainan Provinces, southern China, four strains isolated from tree sap (YJ2E(T)) and flowers (YF9E(T), YWZH3C(T) and YYF2A(T)) were revealed to represent four undescribed yeast species. Molecular phylogenetic analysis based on the large(More)
From approximately 200 basidiomycetous yeast isolates forming orange or orange-red colonies isolated from senescent leaves collected in different regions of China, 29 representative strains varying in their geographic distribution and ballistoconidium forming ability were selected for further phenotypic and molecular taxonomic studies. Sequence analysis of(More)
Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) are regarded as a class of promising materials for spintronic and ultrahigh-density storage devices. Tuning the magnetic dynamics of single-molecule magnets is a crucial challenge for chemists. Lanthanide ions are not only highly magnetically anisotropic but also highly sensitive to the changes in the coordination(More)
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