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Tumor maintenance relies on continued activity of driver oncogenes, although their rate-limiting role is highly context dependent. Oncogenic Kras mutation is the signature event in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), serving a critical role in tumor initiation. Here, an inducible Kras(G12D)-driven PDAC mouse model establishes that advanced PDAC remains(More)
two anonymous referees, and the editor of the journal. We particularly benefited from discussions with Gordon Alexander and Sergio Rebelo. We are grateful to Bhaskaran Swaminathan for providing us with monthly data on the intrinsic value to market value ratios for the Dow 30 Index. Qianqiu Liu provided valuable research assistance. Any views expressed in(More)
In this paper we study optimization problems with second-order stochastic dominance constraints. This class of problems allows for the modeling of optimization problems where a risk-averse decision maker wants to ensure that the solution produced by the model dominates certain benchmarks. Here we deal with the case of multi-variate stochastic dominance(More)
Understanding the intent behind a user's query can help search engine to automatically route the query to some corresponding vertical search engines to obtain particularly relevant contents, thus, greatly improving user satisfaction. There are three major challenges to the query intent classification problem: (1) Intent representation; (2) Domain coverage(More)
This paper presents and studies models for multi-criterion budget allocation problems under uncertainty. The proposed models incorporate uncertainties in decision maker's weights using a robust weighted sum approach. The risk averseness of the decision maker in satisfying random risk related constraints is ensured by using stochastic dominance. A sample(More)
Most traditional text clustering methods are based on "bag of words" (<i>BOW</i>) representation based on frequency statistics in a set of documents. <i>BOW</i>, however, ignores the important information on the semantic relationships between <i>key</i> terms. To overcome this problem, several methods have been proposed to enrich text representation with(More)
Demographic information plays an important role in personalized web applications. However, it is usually not easy to obtain this kind of personal data such as age and gender. In this paper, we made a first approach to predict users' gender and age from their Web browsing behaviors, in which the Webpage view information is treated as a hidden variable to(More)
In this paper, we try to leverage a large-scale and multilingual knowledge base, Wikipedia, to help effectively analyze and organize Web information written in different languages. Based on the observation that one Wikipedia concept may be described by articles in different languages, we adapt existing topic modeling algorithm for mining multilingual topics(More)
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a mood disorder that is not traditionally considered to affect the visual system. However, recent findings have reported decreased cortical levels of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA in occipital cortex. To explore possible functional consequences of MDD on visual processing, we applied a psychophysical visual motion(More)
The GXGD proteases are polytopic membrane proteins with catalytic activities against membrane-spanning substrates that require a pair of aspartyl residues. Representative members of the family include preflagellin peptidase, type 4 prepilin peptidase, presenilin and signal peptide peptidase. Many GXGD proteases are important in medicine. For example, type 4(More)