Jian Hong Jiang

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Phoenixin is an amidated neuropeptide, which is widely distributed in brain and periphery regions and is known for its key role in reproduction. Phoenixin-14 (PNX-14), one of the endogenous active isoforms, was reported to regulate pituitary gonadotrophin secretion by increasing the expression of the GnRH receptor mRNA. Studies showed that GnRH could(More)
Phoenixin (PNX) is a recently discovered neuropeptide shown to be involved in regulating the reproductive system, anxiety-related behaviors and pain though its receptor is still unknown. PNX-14, one of the endogenous active isoforms, is reported to regulate gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor expression and GnRH secretion. Because GnRH system is(More)
Kisspeptin (KP), the endogenous ligand of GPR54, is a recently discovered neuropeptide shown to be involved in regulating reproductive system, anxiety-related behavior, locomotion, food intake, and suppression of metastasis across a range of cancers. KP is transcribed within the hippocampus, and GPR54 has been found in the amygdala and hippocampus,(More)
Neuropeptide S (NPS), the endogenous ligand of NPS receptor (NPSR), was reported to be involved in the regulation of arousal, anxiety, locomotion, learning and memory. The basal ganglia play a crucial role in regulating of locomotion-related behavior. Here, we found that NPSR protein of mouse was distributed in the substantia nigra (SN) and globus pallidus(More)
Larvae of many holometabolous insects possess abdominal appendages called prolegs. Lepidoptera larvae have prolegs in the segments A3-A6. Functions of Lepidoptera hox genes on these abdominal appendages development is still a controversial issue. In this article, we report the use of double strand RNA (dsRNA)-mediated interference (RNAi) to dissect the(More)
Levels of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and immunoglobin (Ig) in gastric juice of 93 patients with benign and malignant gastric diseases were assayed. The CEA level in gastric cancer patients (55.73 +/- 38.26 ng/ml) was obviously higher than that in peptic ulcer (15.51 +/- 12.09 ng/ml) and superficial gastritis (26.96 +/- 20.17 ng/ml). But no significant(More)
We treated successfully 9 patients with middle stage arterial embolism through both Fogarty catheter embolectomy and directly pouring thrombolytic agents into artery. In all patients the extremities were salvaged and symptoms disappeared. The patients were operated upon 15, 30, 60 hours and 3, 5, 8, 30, 39, 40 days respectively after onset of the disease.(More)
With the increasing voltage of direct current transmission line, the intensity of the environmental static electric field has also increased. Thus, whether static electric fields cause biological injury is an important question. In this study, the effects of chronic exposure to environmental static electric fields on some antioxidant enzymes activities in(More)