Jian-He Chen

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Viral infection often activates the interferon (IFN)-gamma-inducible gene, nitric oxide synthase 2 (NOS2). Expression of NOS2 can limit viral growth but may also suppress the immune system and damage tissue. This study assessed each of these effects in genetically deficient NOS2(-/-) mice after infection with influenza A, a virus against which IFN-gamma has(More)
Being effective and relatively safe, the traditional Chinese medicinal herb Brucea javanica (BJ) has been valuable in curing patients in East Asia and its nearby regions for years. Recent reports suggested that the medicinal herb possesses broad antitumor activity against various cancer cells. This study evaluated whether low concentrations of BJ aqueous(More)
Inhibition of tumor vasculature is an effective strategy for cancer therapy. Angiostatin could suppress tumor growth and metastasis by binding and inhibiting F1F0 ATP synthase on the endothelial cell surface. We previously screened a monoclonal antibody (McAb, McAb178-5G10), which specifically bound to ATPase on the surface of cells and showed an(More)
Shark (Sinica cetorhinus maximum) cartilage was extracted in 1 mol/L Gu-HCl guanidine. Two purified active proteins with apparent molecular weights of 15.2x10 3 Da and 8.0×10 3 Da (designated as Sp15 and Sp8, respectively) were obtained through ultrafiltration and Superdex 75 chromatography. The activities of the samples were studied in terms of their(More)
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