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Recommender systems use data on past user preferences to predict possible future likes and interests. A key challenge is that while the most useful individual recommendations are to be found among diverse niche objects, the most reliably accurate results are obtained by methods that recommend objects based on user or object similarity. In this paper we(More)
We give an error estimate for the Energy and Helicity Preserving Scheme (EHPS) in second order finite difference setting on axisymmetric incompressible flows with swirling velocity. This is accomplished by a weighted energy estimate, along with careful and nonstandard local truncation error analysis near the geometric singularity and a far field decay(More)
We prove the convergence of vortex blob methods to classical weak solutions for the two-dimensional incompressible Euler equations with initial data satisfying the conditions that the vor-ticity is a finite Radon measure of distinguished sign and the kinetic energy is locally bounded. This includes the important example of vortex sheets. The result is valid(More)
For strong solutions of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in bounded domains with velocity specified at the boundary, we establish the unconditional stability and convergence of discretization schemes that decouple the updates of pressure and velocity through explicit time-stepping for pressure. These schemes require no solution of stationary(More)
We present a mathematical analysis of the asymptotic preserving scheme proposed in [M. for linear transport equations in kinetic and diffusive regimes. We prove that the scheme is uniformly stable and accurate with respect to the mean free path of the particles. This property is satisfied under an explicitly given CFL condition. This condition tends to a(More)
The computation of compressible flows becomes more challenging when the Mach number has different orders of magnitude. When the Mach number is of order one, modern shock capturing methods are able to capture shocks and other complex structures with high numerical resolutions. However, if the Mach number is small, the acoustic waves lead to stiffness in time(More)