Jian-Gang Zhang

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Adults diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) are frequently faced with a 7% chance of surviving 2 years compared with pediatric patients with GBM who have a 26% survival rate. Our recent screen of possible glioma-associated antigen precursor protein (TAPP) profiles displayed from different types of pediatric brain tumors showed that pediatric(More)
In this paper, we consider the properties of the Green's function for the nonlinear fractional differential equation boundary value problem D q 0+ u(t) = f (t, u(t)), t ∈ J := [0, 1], u(0) = u (1) = 0, where 1 < q ≤ 2 is a real number, and D q 0+ is the standard Riemann-Liouville differentiation. As an application of the Green's function, we give some(More)
frame, achieves high complex controlling with low cost. In control field, closed-loop control is also implemented in this system. At the same time, the function modules of industry Down-Filling machine has been researched, such as man-machine interface, motor control, the use of the FLASH memory AT29C020, the use of weighing sensor, etc. Results show that(More)
In this paper, a global chaos synchronization scheme of three identical systems is investigated. By choosing proper coupling parameters, the states of all the three systems can be synchronized. Then this method was applied to secure communication through chaotic masking, used three coupled identical systems, propose a novel method of chaos encryption, after(More)
The complex dynamics behaviors of the Rossler reaction systems are studied in the paper. By applying bifurcation diagram and phase diagram are presented to analyze periodic oscillation state and chaos motions. Periodic and chaotic motions of the system can be distinguished by Lyapunov exponent method. The chaotic motion of the system is controlled using(More)
The previous study of pattern discovery in storage systems focus on sequential pattern (SP) mining in lower level traces, but they don&#x02019;t scale well to the application level. For patterns in application level are mostly composed of Contiguous Item Sequential Pattern (CISP) which are much simpler than SP, so it&#x02019;s inefficient for the previous(More)
On the basis of elaborating the traditional tension control, a new software design in which digital motol control and digital display used is offered. Simple and effective practical yarn tension controlling system of MCU design is adopted in its hardware. It, meantime, discussed the tension transmission system, specific quantization and the(More)
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