Jian-Feng Yang

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AluScan combines inter-Alu PCR using multiple Alu-based primers with opposite orientations and next-generation sequencing to capture a huge number of Alu-proximal genomic sequences for investigation. Its requirement of only sub-microgram quantities of DNA facilitates the examination of large numbers of samples. However, the special features of AluScan data(More)
Abstract: Owing to the problems of DC side capacitor value choice in the application of Active Power Filter (APF), this article presents a technique based on the analysis of the ripple voltage in DC side by graining appropriately the undulation control rate within the range of settings and control DC voltage so that the voltage fluctuation rate can reach(More)
By synthesizing the literature from environmental and economics with that of entrepreneurship, we articulated a conception of environmental entrepreneurship, outlined the categorists of environmental entrepreneurship and pointed out environmental entrepreneurship is a good business model in low-carbon economy.
Sliced Latin hypercube designs are very useful for running a computer model in batches, ensembles of multiple computer models, computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative factors, cross-validation and data pooling. However, the presence of highly correlated columns makes the data analysis intractable. In this paper, a construction method for(More)
A supersaturated design (SSD) is a design whose run size is not enough for estimating all main effects. Such a design is commonly used in screening experiments to screen active effects based on the effect sparsity principle. Traditional approaches, such as the ordinary stepwise regression and the best subset variable selection, may not be appropriate in(More)
Amorphous SiC thin films were deposited from a mixture of silane and methane gas with the separate hydrogen and Argon dilution by using the plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process. The effects of different dilution gas on the chemical composition, bonding states, microstructure and optical property of the films were studied and compared. For the(More)
CUSCORE control chart is designed based on the thought of CUSCORE statistic to control the non-stationary autocorrelated process IMA (1, 1). The MMSE method is used to remove the auto-correlation among the observations. By comparing the performance of CUSCORE control chart to Shewhart Control Chart, the CUSCORE control is more effective in the case of the(More)
Interference imaging spectrometer is one of the most important equipments of Chang'E 1 satellite, which is applied to analysis the material composition and its distribution of the surface on the moon. At present, the spectral resolution of level 2B scientific data obtained by existing methods is 325 cm(-1). If we use the description way of wavelength(More)
Computer experiments have received a great deal of attention in many fields of science and technology. The premises in most literature assume that all the input variables are quantitative. However, researchers often encounter computer experiments involving mixed input variables: both quantitative and qualitative variables. In this paper, we propose a new(More)
Sequence alignment/map (SAM) formatted sequences [Li H, Handsaker B, Wysoker A et al., Bioinformatics 25(16):2078-2079, 2009.] have taken on a main role in bioinformatics since the development of massive parallel sequencing. However, because misalignment of sequences poses a significant problem in analysis of sequencing data that could lead to false(More)