Jian Feng Hua

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The production of ultrabright electron bunches using ionization injection triggered by two transversely colliding laser pulses inside a beam-driven plasma wake is examined via three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations. The relatively low intensity lasers are polarized along the wake axis and overlap with the wake for a very short time. The result is(More)
The evolution of beam phase space in ionization injection into plasma wakefields is studied using theory and particle-in-cell simulations. The injection process involves both longitudinal and transverse phase mixing, leading initially to a rapid emittance growth followed by oscillation, decay, and a slow growth to saturation. An analytic theory for this(More)
A new method capable of capturing coherent electric field structures propagating at nearly the speed of light in plasma with a time resolution as small as a few femtoseconds is proposed. This method uses a few femtoseconds long relativistic electron bunch to probe the wake produced in a plasma by an intense laser pulse or an ultra-short relativistic charged(More)
EMI (electromagnetic interference) noises and power split strategy are two important topics when integrating a PEM fuel cell/battery hybrid power-train. Principles and methods to eliminate the EMI noises are firstly introduced. Generally speaking, the EMI noises can be reduced by applying electrical grounding, designing a time-triggered communication system(More)
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