Jian-Bo Zhu

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[reaction: see text] From readily accessible starting materials, macrocycles with an endo aryl-aryl ether bond are synthesized in only two operations by combination of the Ugi four-component reaction and an intramolecular S(N)Ar reaction. The nitro group serves as an activator for the macrocyclization and provides a handle for the introduction of functional(More)
An Umpolung approach, in which a phosphorus ylide moiety was introduced to increase the electron density of the double bond, was developed to activate electron-deficient alkenes for reaction with electrophilic iron carbenes. In tandem with the Wittig reaction, the reactions of α,β-unsaturated esters with in situ generated Fe-carbene complexes delivered(More)
With the mediation of phosphine, the direct intramolecular coupling of two electrophiles - alkyl halides with electron-deficient olefins - has been successfully realized in an intramolecular conjugate addition manner. The reaction provides a new approach for the synthesis of chromans and relevant analogues.
OBJECTIVE A retrospective study of histopathological and clinical aspects of 261 cases of lacrimal tumors (273 paraffin specimens) from Ophthalmic Pathology Laboratory, Beijing Tongren Hospital (Dec. 1961 to Jun. 2002) was performed to investigate the pathological classification and clinical features of these tumors. METHODS Clinical features were(More)
An efficient synthetic approach to benzoheterocycles has been developed based on the hydrolysis of key ylide intermediates in a tandem reaction, upon which a variety of 3-alkylidene dihydrobenzofurans and related benzoheterocyclic products can be obtained in high yields with excellent Z/E selectivity.
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