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To compare the short- and long-term clinical outcomes of the double-bundle (DB) anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with those of single-bundle (SB) ACL reconstruction. An electronic search of the database PubMed (1966–September 2011), EMBASE (1984–September 2011), and Cochrane Controlled Trials Register (CENTRAL; 3rd Quarter, 2011) was(More)
The stimulated amplifications of surface plasmons (SPs) propagating along a single silver nanoring is theoretically investigated by considering the interactions between SPs and activated semiconductor quantum dots (SQDs). Threshold condition for the stimulated amplifications, the SP density as a function of propagation length and the maximum SP density are(More)
Efficient plasmon-mediated excitation energy transfer between the CdSe/ZnS semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) across the silver nanowire array up to 560 nm in length is observed. The subwavelength imaging and spectral response of the silver nanowire arrays with near-field point-source excitations are revealed by theoretical simulations. Our studies(More)
A new style of dynamic recurrent neural network based on RPROP and chaos optimization coupling algorithm is provided and is applied to dynamic process identification in this paper. RPROP algorithm is good at improving neural network's convergence speed and chaos optimization algorithm can prevent efficiently from partial minimum. Moreover, a new kind of(More)
We study theoretically four-wave parametric amplification arising from the nonlinear optical response of hybrid molecules composed of semiconductor quantum dots and metallic nanoparticles. It is shown that highly efficient four-wave parametric amplification can be achieved by adjusting the frequency and intensity of the pump field and the distance between(More)
We theoretically investigated optical third-order nonlinearity of a coherently coupled exciton-plasmon hybrid system under a strong control field with a weak probe field. The analytic formulas of exciton population and effective third-order optical susceptibility of the hybrid of a metal nanoparticle (MNP) and a semiconductor quantum dot (SQD) were deduced.(More)
OBJECTIVES Several trials have demonstrated that oral delayed-release mesalamine might be administered once daily. We aimed to conduct a meta-analysis to investigate this. METHODS A comprehensive and multiple-source literature search was carried out. Only randomized-controlled trials (RCTs) were investigated by comparing a once daily-dosing regime with a(More)
A criminal location relationship network model based on Complex Networks theory is set up in this paper. By the research of this criminal location relationships network, a real weighted network, a number of methods and knowledge which are ignored by experts and scholars in their research are found here. Firstly, the criminal location relationship network(More)
BACKGROUND Post-mortem blood cultures have been used in a wide variety of research studies. However, their significance is still a matter of dispute among medico-legal experts. This study was aimed to determine the factors which influenced post-mortem blood culture results and to assess their value in determining the cause of death. METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish an effective phenol-chloroform method coupled with paramagnetic particle method for human DNA extraction from maggot crop contents in STR genotyping. METHODS Human DNA was extracted from the maggot crop contents using phenol-chloroform method and purified by paramagnetic particle method. DNA was quantified by PCR with Quantifiler(More)