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The multiscale tropical deep convective variability over the Pacific Ocean is examined with the 4-month high-resolution deep convection index () derived from satellite imagery. With a systemic view, the complex I TBB phenomenon is described with succinct parameters known as generalized dimensions associated with the correlation structures embedded in the(More)
OBJECTIVE Application for a faculty position in the areas of telecommunications networks, wireless communications , bioinformatics, and biomedical engineering. Instructor, experimental teaching to elite middle school students (about college calculus and linear algebra) 6/88-9/88 RESEARCH INTERESTS Large scale information processing and complex system(More)
State-space reconstruction is investigated for evaluating the randomness generated by an optically injected semiconductor laser in chaos. The reconstruction of the attractor requires only the emission intensity time series, allowing both experimental and numerical evaluations with good qualitative agreement. The randomness generation is evaluated by the(More)
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