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In both the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS), transected axons undergo Wallerian degeneration. Even though Augustus Waller first described this process after transection of axons in 1850, the molecular mechanisms may be shared, at least in part, by many human diseases. Early pathology includes failure of synaptic(More)
Calreticulin (crt) is an ubiquitously expressed and multifunctional Ca(2+)-binding protein that regulates diverse vital cell functions, including Ca(2+) storage in the ER and protein folding. Calreticulin deficiency in mice is lethal in utero due to defects in heart development and function. Herein, we used crt(-/-) embryonic stem (ES) cells differentiated(More)
Abstract It has recently been suggested that the infarcted rat heart microenvironment could direct pluripotent mouse embryonic stem cells to differentiate into cardiomyocytes through an in situ paracrine action. To investigate whether the heart can function as a cardiogenic niche and confer an immune privilege to embryonic stem cells, we assessed the(More)
Vanadium complexes are potent antidiabetic agents for therapeutical treatment of diabetes. In the present study, we investigated the hypolipidemic effect of V(IV)O(dipic-Cl)(H2O)2 (V4dipic-Cl) in liver of streptozotocin- (STZ-)-induced diabetic rats. We found that diabetic animals exhibited hepatic inflammatory infiltration and impaired liver function along(More)
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