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Emerging evidence suggests that microRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in regulating HCC development and progression; however, the mechanisms by which their specific functions and mechanisms remained to be further explored. miR-129 has been reported in gastric cancers, lung cancer and colon cancer. In this study, we disclosed a new tumor suppresser(More)
Information literacy is the basic quality that the college students in the information society should possess. It is an important standard for the high-quality talented person. In this paper, firstly, we analyze the connotation of information literacy, i.e., information consciousness, information knowledge, information ability and information ethics.(More)
Aiming at Bayesian rough set model, some new concepts of knowledge reduction are denoted such as the upper approximation reduction and the lower approximation reduction, the upper approximation discernible matrix and the lower approximation discernible matrix, the judgment theorems with respect to those reductions are obtained, from which we provide new(More)
In order to test and evaluate the automatic transmission (AT) electronic control system and improve the development efficiency with lower cost, a hardware-in-loop simulation (HILS) platform of AT electronic control system is built. To simulate the electro-hydraulic proportional control loop and test the control signals output from the TCU, a real-time test(More)
As the rapid development of the Internet, mining users’ useful information from web log has become the hot research, which plays an important guiding role in developing and making use of the web. Firstly, pre-dealing with web log, analyzing the main factors of web users’ visiting interests. Afterwards Rules mining model of web users’ visiting interest is(More)
Customer relationship management is hot in intelligent business study Nowadays, in which the evaluation of customer value is one of the basic problems. Data Mining model of customer value is formed that based on customer value comprehensive evaluation index system, making use of rough set theorem, then evaluation objects are sorted and preferred, from which(More)
With the help of enterprise resource planning (ERP),this paper puts forward university resource planning (URP). It illustrates the related concepts, features, and core technologies of wisdom campus. Aiming at some problems during constructing wisdom campus, and through effectively planning the university information resources by URP, it constructs the(More)
Customer relationship management is hot in intelligent business study nowadays, in which the evaluation of customer value is one of the basic problems. Method of customer value mining based on rough logic is proposed in this paper, from which we got the decision rule of customer value evaluation and the minimal decision algorithm. This method is showed to(More)