Jiaming Zhan

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Product reviews possess critical information regarding customers’ concerns and their experience with the product. Such information is considered essential to firms’ business intelligence which can be utilized for the purpose of conceptual design, personalization, product recommendation, better customer understanding, and finally attract more loyal(More)
Awell-known challenge formulti-document summarization (MDS) is that a single best or “gold standard” summary does not exist, i.e. it is often difficult to secure a consensus among reference summaries written by different authors. It therefore motivates us to study what the “important information” is in multiple input documents that will guide different(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of summarization technique to improve text classification. As summarization inherently assign more weights to the more important sentences in an article, this may improve the accuracy of classification of the article. Redundancy in summaries was reduced to different levels and its effect on classification performance(More)
In today’s knowledge-intensive engineering environment, information management is an important and essential activity. However, existing researches of Engineering Information Management (EIM) mainly focused on numerical data such as computer models and process data. Textual data, especially the case of free texts, which constitute a significant part of(More)
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