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In this paper, we describe our experiments for both the News Story Segmentation task and Interactive Search task for TRECVID 2003. Our News Story Segmentation task involved the use of a Support Vector Machine (SVM) to combine evidence from audio-visual analysis tools in order to generate a listing of news stories from a given news programme. Our Search task(More)
SOS3 mediates calcium dependent actin filament reorganization that plays important roles in plant responses to salt stress. Arabidopsis salt overly sensitive 3 (SOS3) plays an important role in plant salt tolerance by regulation of Na+/K+ homeostasis. Plants lacking SOS3 are hypersensitive to salt stress and this phenomenon can be partially rescued by the(More)
Físchl& acute;r is a system for recording, indexing, browsing and playback of broadcast TV programmes which has been operational on our University campus for almost 18 months. In this paper we give a brief overview of how the system operates, how TV programmes are organised for browse/playback and a short report on the system usage by over 900 users in(More)
Dublin City University participated in the interactive search task and Shot Boundary Detection task of the TREC Video Track. In the interactive search task experiment thirty people used three different digital video browsers to find video segments matching the given topics. Each user was under a time constraint of six minutes for each topic assigned to(More)
Dublin City University participated in the Feature Extraction task and the Search task of the TREC-2002 Video Track. In the Feature Extraction task, we submitted 3 features: Face, Speech, and Music. In the Search task, we developed an interactive video retrieval system, which incorporated the 40 hours of the video search test collection and supported user(More)
In this paper we present an initial study on the use of both high and low level MPEG-7 descriptions for video retrieval. A brief survey of current XML indexing techniques shows that an IR-based retrieval method provides a better foundation for retrieval as it satisfies important retrieval criteria such as content ranking and approximate matching. An(More)
Acknowledgements Writing a dissertation is an enormous effort for me. It is my great pleasure to acknowledge the kind support of my supervisor, Dr. Mark Sanderson who provided important attention and time throughout the period of my MSc study. Without his friendly and valuable assistance, my study in Britain would not have been so successful. Most(More)