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The SGT1 protein is essential for R protein-mediated and PAMPs-triggered resistance in many plant species. Here we reported the isolation and characterization of the Hv-SGT1 gene from Haynaldiavillosa (2n = 14, VV). Analysis of the subcellular location of Hv-SGT1 by transient expression of a fusion to GFP indicated its presence in the cytoplasm and nucleus.(More)
Satellite remote sensing produces an abundance of environmental data that can be used in the study of human health. To support the development of early warning systems for mosquito-borne diseases, we developed an open-source, client based software application to enable the Epidemiological Applications of Spatial Technologies (EASTWeb). Two major design(More)
Disease maps and forecasts developed using satellite remote sensing data can inform public health decisions and improve disease control and epidemic response. The open-source, client-based software Epidemiological Applications of Spatial Technologies (EASTWeb) was developed to automate the retrieval, processing, and storage of satellite remote sensing data(More)
Aquatic ecological carrying capacity is an effective method for analyzing sustainable development in regional water management. In this paper, an integrated approach is employed for assessing the aquatic ecological carrying capacity of Wujin District in the Tai Lake Basin, China. An indicator system is established considering social and economic development(More)
In this paper, we describe FDEOD, a framework for downloading earth observation data. FDEOD supports the dynamic selection of suitable download methods and allows the changes of download parameters without requiring changes to the code. This paper illustrates the design and implementation of FDEOD and uses the EASTWeb system as a case study to show how an(More)
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