Jialu Du

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—A nonlinear adaptive controller combining adaptive Backstepping algorithm with Nussbaum gain technique is proposed for ship course tracking steering without a priori knowledge about the sign of control coefficient. It is theoretically proved that the presented adaptive controller guarantees that all signals in the uncertain nonlinear ship motion system is(More)
This paper develops an adaptive robust output feedback control scheme for dynamically positioned ships with unavailable velocities and unknown dynamic parameters in an unknown time-variant disturbance environment. The controller is designed by incorporating the high-gain observer and radial basis function (RBF) neural networks in vectorial backstepping(More)
Layout problem is a kind of NP-Complete problem. It is concerned more and more in recent years and arises in a variety of application fields such as the layout design of spacecraft modules, plant equipment, platforms of marine drilling well, shipping, vehicle and robots. The algorithms based on swarm intelligence are considered powerful tools for solving(More)
—This paper considers the problem of a trajectory tracking control for marine surface vessels with unknown time-variant environmental disturbances. The proposed mathematical model of the surface ship movement includes Coriolis and centripetal matrix and nonlinear damp terms. The observer is constructed to provide an estimation of unknown disturbances, which(More)