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The study herein determined the role of nuclear factor erythoid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) in the pathogenesis of hepatic steatosis, insulin resistance, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Lep(ob/ob)-Keap1-knockdown (KD) mice, which have increased Nrf2 activity, were generated. Markers of obesity and type 2 diabetes were measured in C57Bl/6J, Keap1-KD, Lep(ob/ob),(More)
Paraquat (PQ) is an herbicide used extensively in agriculture. This agent is also suspected to be a risk factor for Parkinson's disease (PD) by harming nigro-striatal dopamine neurons. There is likely, genetic-based, individual variability in susceptibility to PQ neurotoxicity related PD. In this study, we measured the delivery of PQ to the brain after(More)
AIMS It has been reported that cardiac ankyrin repeat protein is associated with heart development and diseases. This study is aimed to investigate the role of CARP in heart hypertrophy in vivo. METHODS AND RESULTS We generated a cardiac-specific CARP-overexpressing transgenic mouse. Although such animals did not display any overt physiological(More)
UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (Ugt) catalyze phase II conjugation reactions with glucuronic acid, which enhances chemical polarity and the elimination from the body. Few studies have addressed whether Ugt expression and activity are affected by liver disease, such as steatosis. The purpose of this study was to determine whether steatosis induced by obesity(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study was to determine whether Nrf2 activation, via Keap1-knockdown (Keap1-KD), regulates lipid metabolism and mobilization induced by food deprivation (e.g. fasting). METHODS AND RESULTS Male C57BL/6 (WT) and Keap1-KD mice were either fed ad libitum or food deprived for 24 hours. After fasting, WT mice exhibited a marked increase(More)
To determine whether down-regulation of transcription factor signaling during pregnancy disrupts the induction of efflux transporters in type I diabetic mice. Type I diabetes was induced in female C57BL/6 mice with multiple low dose intraperitoneal injections of streptozotocin (STZ) at least 2 weeks prior to mating with normoglycemic male mice. On gestation(More)
Fatty liver alters liver transporter expression. Caloric restriction (CR), the recommended therapy to reverse fatty liver, increases Sirtuin1 deacetylase activity in liver. This study evaluated whether CR and CR mimetics reversed obesity-induced transporter expression in liver and hepatocytes. mRNA and protein expression was determined in adult lean (lean)(More)
People have a greater desire to date highly attractive partners, which induces intrasexual competition between same-sex individuals. The present study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to explore whether and how intrasexual competition modulates pain empathy for a same-sex rival and the underlying neural mechanism. Participants were scanned while(More)
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