Jialin Xu

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AIMS It has been reported that cardiac ankyrin repeat protein is associated with heart development and diseases. This study is aimed to investigate the role of CARP in heart hypertrophy in vivo. METHODS AND RESULTS We generated a cardiac-specific CARP-overexpressing transgenic mouse. Although such animals did not display any overt physiological(More)
The protein C pathway plays a critical role in the negative regulation of the blood clotting process. We recently identified an endothelial cell receptor for protein C/activated protein C (APC). The receptor is localized almost exclusively on endothelial cells of large vessels and is present at only trace levels or indeed absent from capillaries in most(More)
Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-Seq) has become a routine for detecting genome-wide protein-DNA interaction. The success of ChIP-Seq data analysis highly depends on the quality of peak calling (i.e., to detect peaks of tag counts at a genomic location and evaluate if the peak corresponds to a real protein-DNA(More)
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