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The optical access networks and aggregation networks are necessary to be controlled together to improve the bandwidth resource availability globally. Unified control architecture for optical access networks and aggregation networks is designed based on software-defined networking controller, the function modules of which have been described and the related(More)
We propose a novel deep supervised neural network for the task of action recognition in videos, which implicitly takes advantage of visual tracking and shares the robustness of both deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). In our method, a multi-branch model is proposed to suppress noise from background jitters.(More)
We propose a global dynamic bandwidth optimization algorithm for software defined optical access and aggregation networks, which can support unified optimizations and efficient scheduling by allocating bandwidth resources from a global network view in real-time. The performance benefits of the proposed algorithm in terms of resource utilization rate,(More)
Passive optical network (PON) has attracted much attention by the emergence of high-bitrate video-centric applications over the Internet in the access side. In the current commercial PON, the configuration of optical line termination equipment is needed to modify through network management system manually and periodically in the local areas. The traffic(More)
Inter-data center interconnect with IP over elastic optical network (EON) is a promising scenario to meet the high burstiness and high-bandwidth requirements of data center services. In our previous work, we implemented multi-stratum resources integration among IP networks, optical networks and application stratums resources that allows to accommodate data(More)
In recent years, Passive Optical Network (PON) is developing rapidly in the access network, in which the high energy consumption problem is attracting more and more attention. In the paper, SDN (Software Defined Network) is first introduced in optical access networks to implement an energy-efficient control mechanism through OpenFlow protocol. Some(More)
IP over elastic optical network is a very promising networking architecture to interconnect data centers. It can enable efficient resource utilization and support heterogeneous bandwidth demands in cost-effective, highly available, and energy-effective manner. In case of aggregation elastic optical network node failure, to ensure a high-level quality of(More)
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