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This brief presents a reconfigurable VLSI architecture which is designed for multi-transform codec in several video coding standards of MPEG-2/4, VC-1, H.264/AVC and AVS. The reconfigurable multiple constant multiplication algorithm with two fusing strategies is provided to generate constant multipliers in the matrix calculation blocks. Additionally,(More)
Black and gray hole attack is one kind of routing disturbing attacks and can bring great damage to the network. As a result, an efficient algorithm to detect black and gray attack is important. This paper demonstrates an adaptive approach to detecting black and gray hole attacks in ad hoc network based on a cross layer design. In network layer, we proposed(More)
One of the few integrating theories related to allocation is the hypothesis of optimization. While optimization theory has great heuristic appeal and has been used to describe a range of physiological and ecological phenomena, it has major limitations. Optimization is necessarily based on a definite time integral and an optimal control strategy must be(More)
A Quantum FPGA (QFPGA) architecture is presented for programmable quantum computing, which is a hybrid architecture combining the advantages of the measurement-based quantum computation and the qubus system. QFPGA consists of Quantum Logic Blocks (QLBs) and Quantum Routing Channels (QRCs). The QLB is used to realize a small quantum logic while the QRC is to(More)
In this paper, we propose a permutation network, a key component for configurable and scalable FFT processors, to perform a set of permutations on streaming data. The method presented for constructing such permutation networks applies to permutations that can be represented as linear mappings on the bit representation of data location. The permutation(More)
Designers’ style-cognition of product form spans different types of products. Ten groups of adjectives were refined through a Kansei Engineering experiment as the most important perceptual style words relevant to industrial designers’ work. The product images with high identification degree were obtained through a perception experiment on(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network is one of the most effective technologies for communication and different types of applications which are working in crucial conditions such as: Army Battle Ground, Disaster Management and similar others but due to completely wireless communication that is not much efficient and a huge number of performance losses are observed in the(More)
Having pointed out in the literatures the existent problems in familiar two kinds of collision tests for Hash functions, we established two probabilistic models for the collision tests, corresponding to the random mapping and the random self-mapping, respectively. One kind of collision test aims to examine if a Hash function seems an uniformly ergodic(More)