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Multiobjective evacuation routes optimization problem is defined to find out optimal evacuation routes for a group of evacuees under multiple evacuation objectives. For improving the evacuation efficiency, we abstracted the evacuation zone as a superposed potential field network (SPFN), and we presented SPFN-based ACO algorithm (SPFN-ACO) to solve this(More)
Differential evolution is a powerful evolution algorithm for optimization of real valued and multimodal functions. To accelerate its convergence rate and enhance its performance, this paper introduces a top-p-best trigonometric mutation strategy and a self-adaptation method for controlling the crossover rate (CR). The performance of the proposed algorithm(More)
The Emergency Evacuation Simulation (EES) has been increasingly becoming a hotspot in the field of transportation. PSO-based EES is a good choice as its low computation complexity compared with some other algorithms, especially in an emergency. The selection of fitness function of each particle in PSO is a key problem for EES. This paper will introduce some(More)
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