Jialiang Kou

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Differential evolution is a powerful evolution algorithm for optimization of real valued and multimodal functions. To accelerate its convergence rate and enhance its performance, this paper introduces a top-p-best trigonometric mutation strategy and a self-adaptation method for controlling the crossover rate ( CR ). The performance of the proposed algorithm(More)
Because of the high-dense population and complex structure, the large public building faces a unique challenge in developing effective emergency evacuation plans. And due to the large scale and numbers of evacuees in real evacuation, real tests are impractical. Therefore, the simulation of evacuation becomes a wonderful choice in program planning. Particle(More)
Multiobjective evacuation routes optimization problem is defined to find out optimal evacuation routes for a group of evacuees under multiple evacuation objectives. For improving the evacuation efficiency, we abstracted the evacuation zone as a superposed potential field network (SPFN), and we presented SPFN-based ACO algorithm (SPFN-ACO) to solve this(More)
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