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SUMMARY Recently, graphics processing units (GPUs) have been increasingly leveraged in a variety of scientific computing applications. However, architectural differences between CPUs and GPUs necessitate the development of algorithms that take advantage of GPU hardware. As sparse matrix vector (SPMV) multiplication operations are commonly used in finite(More)
Stereo vision is an important 3D sensing technique for producing dense point clouds required for robotic navigation and manipulation. It can provide excellent depth resolution at high frame rates and is potentially smaller, cheaper and consumes less power than systems using active sensor devices, due to its use of standard imaging components like cameras.(More)
In this paper, a neural-network-based guidance methodology is proposed for the docking of autonomous vehicles. The novelty of the overall system is its applicability to cases that do not allow for the direct proximity measurement of the vehicle's pose (position and orientation). In such instances, a guidance technique that utilizes line-of-sight based(More)
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