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The novel connection between Raynaud dise ase and fish oils was uncovered from two disjointed biomedical literature sets by Swanson in 1986. Since then, there have been many approaches to uncover novel connections by mining the biomedical literature. One of the popular approaches is to adapt the Association Rule (AR) method to automatically identify(More)
Zigzag transformation is a kind of scrambling algorithm with low time complexity and good scrambling effect. And inner product polarization vector algorithm is a new encryption algorithm deduced from Attribute Theory. Here both above are combined by first making use of improved Zigzag transformation to have the image scrambled, next encrypting the(More)
  • Jiali Feng
  • 2005 IEEE International Conference on Granular…
  • 2005
A mathematical model for describing the disciplinarian that the true value of property p(x) varies according to it's qualitative criterion [alpha, beta], called the qualitative mapping tau<sub>p </sub>(x,[alpha, beta]) is presented in this paper, and the inner product transformation of qualitative criterion [alpha, beta], denoted by w_[alpha, beta] is(More)
A large amount of functional genomic data have provided enough knowledge in predicting gene function computationally, which uses known functional annotations and relationship between unknown genes and known ones to map unknown genes to GO functional terms. The prediction procedure is usually formulated as binary classification problem. Training binary(More)
  • Jiali Feng
  • 2007 IEEE International Conference on Granular…
  • 2007
It is shown that not only the qualitative criterion [alpha,beta] of qualitative mapping is a bridge between expert system and artificial neural network, the qualitative mapping and the artificial neuron can be defined each other, but support vector machine can be also induced by the granular transformation of qualitative criterion, the qualitative mapping(More)
  • Jiali Feng
  • 2009 IEEE International Conference on Granular…
  • 2009
A new kind of Computer, called Attribute Grid Computer based on Qualitative Mapping is presented in this paper, It is shown that a series of intelligent methods, such as Production System, Artificial Neural Network, and Support Vector Machine can be fused in the framework of qualitative criterion transformation of qualitative mapping and can be implemented(More)
During recent years, an amount of researchers are becoming interested in the popular video game Tetris. However, most of the researchers concentrate on eliminating as many rows as possible only, without considerations on how many rows are eliminated within each action. In this paper, we simulate human players' behavior and try to increase the average rows(More)