Jiali Feng

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Zigzag transformation is a kind of scrambling algorithm with low time complexity and good scrambling effect. And inner product polarization vector algorithm is a new encryption algorithm deduced from Attribute Theory. Here both above are combined by first making use of improved Zigzag transformation to have the image scrambled, next encrypting the(More)
An attribute computing network induced by qualitative mapping is presented in this paper and the feedback adjustment mechanism for qualitative criterion and the learning algorithm are given. After that, the pattern recognition method based on the attribute computing network is brought forward. An actual application using such method is given in the end.
Based on input and output relationship of Qualitative Mapping(QM), the attribute computing network model has been created. It brings forward a kind of computing method using input to adjust qualitative benchmark of attribute network, which makes it possible to achieve pattern recognition. Now the new attribute computing network model combined pattern(More)
The qualitative mapping (QM) model for judging a property p(o) whose true value varies according to the qualitative criterion [alpha,beta], tau<sub>p</sub>(x,[[alpha,beta]) is presented in this paper. The inner product transformation of qualitative criterion w_[alpha,beta] and the relation between w_[alpha,beta] and artificial neuron is discussed. It is(More)
  • Jiali Feng
  • 2007
It is shown that not only the qualitative criterion [alpha,beta] of qualitative mapping is a bridge between expert system and artificial neural network, the qualitative mapping and the artificial neuron can be defined each other, but support vector machine can be also induced by the granular transformation of qualitative criterion, the qualitative mapping(More)
During recent years, an amount of researchers are becoming interested in the popular video game Tetris. However, most of the researchers concentrate on eliminating as many rows as possible only, without considerations on how many rows are eliminated within each action. In this paper, we simulate human players' behavior and try to increase the average rows(More)
  • Jiali Feng
  • 2010
It is shown that the Reasoning Lattice-Monoid Category L-M(Au, &#x0D9;, &#x02192;) of the attribute set Au of object u can be constructed by the conjunction &#x0D9; between two attributes, and a Qualitaive Mapping Topos TQM(Au, *, &#x02192;) of the category L-M(Au, *, &#x02192;) can be induced by a Qualitative Mapping t(x, [a, b]) with qualitative criterion(More)