Jiali Chen

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The Rat Genome Database (RGD) (http://rgd.mcw.edu) aims to meet the needs of its community by providing genetic and genomic infrastructure while also annotating the strengths of rat research: biochemistry, nutrition, pharmacology and physiology. Here, we report on RGD's development towards creating a phenome database. Recent developments can be categorized(More)
The broad goal of physiological genomics research is to link genes to their functions using appropriate experimental and computational techniques. Modern genomics experiments enable the generation of vast quantities of data, and interpretation of this data requires the integration of information derived from many diverse sources. Computational biology and(More)
The strength of the rat as a model organism lies in its utility in pharmacology, biochemistry and physiology research. Data resulting from such studies is difficult to represent in databases and the creation of user-friendly data mining tools has proved difficult. The Rat Genome Database has developed a comprehensive ontology-based data structure and(More)
The Earth is a water planet. The ocean is used for nature resource exploitation, fishery, etc., and it also plays critical roles in global climate regulation and transportation. Consequently, it is extremely important to keep track of its condition. And thus ocean observation systems have received increasing attentions.
Two single gene cassettes, each containing one of the individual gene (γ-glutamylcysteine synthetase gene GSH1 or glutathione synthetase gene GSH2), were constructed under the control of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH1) promoter and their respective native terminators. The recombinant plasmids constructed with Kan r or Hyg r as the selective markers and were(More)
As the presentation and development of " Digital Maritime " and " E-Navigation " , Aids to Navigation (AtoN) is more and more important to marine navigation safety. In recent years, great advances have been obtained in AtoN applications. However, most domestic AtoN setting systems are based on 2D electronic chart which can not represent AtoN visual effects(More)
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