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(2013) Region-based automatic building and forest change detection on Cartosat-1 stereo imagery. (2013) Object oriented image analysis based on multi-agent recognition system. A fuzzy decision making system for building damage map creation using high resolution satellite imagery. (2013) Airborne vehicle detection in dense urban areas using HoG features and(More)
Sentiment categorization have been widely explored in many fields, such as government policy, information monitoring, product tracking, etc. This paper adopts k-NN, Naive Bayes and SVM classifiers to categorize sentiments contained in on-line Chinese reviews on digital products. Our experimental results show that combining the words and phrases with(More)
To quantify changes in soil properties caused by agroforestry management practice, the fractal dimension (Dm) of soil particle size distribution (PSD) and their relationships with soil bulk density, porosity, soil organic matter (SOM) and soil total nitrogen (TN) were investigated in five types of tree-cropping systems in Chongqing, southwestern China. The(More)
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