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Aerosol retrieval over land remains a difficult task because the solar light reflected by the Earth–atmospheric system mainly comes from the ground surface. The dark dense vegetation (DDV) algorithm for MODIS data has shown excellent competence at retrieving the aerosol distribution and properties. However, this algorithm is restricted to lower surface(More)
With the rapid development of the multimedia technology and Internet, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has become an active research field at present. Many researches have been done on visual features and their combinations for CBIR, but few on the performance comparison of different visual feature combinations. Therefore, in the paper, different visual(More)
Georeference is a basic function of remote sensing data processing. Geo-corrected remote sensing data is an important source data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other location services. Large quantity remote sensing data were produced daily by satellites and other sensors. Georeferenceing of these data is time consumable and computationally(More)
An approach for reconstructing wireframe models of curvilinear objects from three orthographic views is discussed. Our main stress is on the method of generating three-dimensional (3D) conic edges from two-dimensional (2D) projection conic curves, which is the pivotal work for reconstructing curvilinear objects from three orthographic views. In order to(More)
For many remote sensing application projects, the quality of the research or the product is heavily dependent upon the quantity of computing cycles available. Middleware is software that connects two or more otherwise separate applications across the Internet or local area networks. In this paper, we present the High Throughput Computing Spatial Information(More)