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This report discusses methods for estimating linear motion blur. The blurred image is modeled as a convolution between the original image and an unknown point-spread function. The angle of motion blur is estimated using three different approaches. The first employs the cepstrum, the second a Gaussian filter, and the third the Radon transform. To estimate(More)
In this paper, we develop a population balance model for cell aggregation and adhesion process in a nonuniform shear flow. Some Monte Carlo simulation results based on the model are presented for the heterotypic cell-cell collision and adhesion to a substrate under dynamic shear forces. In particular, we focus on leukocyte (PMN)-melanoma cell emboli(More)
Our research focused on the polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) tethering to the vascular endothelial cells (EC) and the subsequent melanoma cell emboli formation in a shear flow, an important process of tumor cell extravasation from the circulation during metastasis. We applied population balance model based on Smoluchowski coagulation equation to study(More)
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