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Quiver mutations, Seiberg duality, and machine learning
We initiate the study of applications of machine learning to Seiberg duality, focusing on the case of quiver gauge theories, a problem also of interest in mathematics in the context of clusterExpand
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Dessins d'Enfants, Seiberg-Witten Curves and Conformal Blocks
We show how to map Grothendieck’s dessins d’enfants to algebraic curves as Seiberg-Witten curves, then use the mirror map and the AGT map to obtain the corresponding 4d N = 2 supersymmetric instantonExpand
Chiral rings, Futaki invariants, plethystics, and Gröbner bases
We study chiral rings of 4d N $$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 1 supersymmetric gauge theories via the notion of K-stability. We show that when using Hilbert series to perform the computations of FutakiExpand
Quiver gauge theories: beyond reflexivity
Reflexive polygons have been extensively studied in a variety of contexts in mathematics and physics. We generalize this programme by looking at the 45 different lattice polygons with two interiorExpand
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Lectures on the Calabi-Yau Landscape
In these lecture notes, we survey the landscape of Calabi-Yau threefolds, and the use of machine learning to explore it. We begin with the compact portion of the landscape, focusing in particular onExpand
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