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Predictive video codecs such as MPEG and H.26x are very susceptible to prediction mismatch between encoder and decoder or "drift" when there are packet losses, leading to a significant reduction in the decoded quality. In this paper, we propose a method to reduce the drift in these codecs by sending extra information over a side-channel. Using principles(More)
The task of partial copy detection in videos aims at finding if one or more segments of a query video have (transformed) copies in a large dataset. Since collecting and annotating large datasets of real partial copies are extremely time-consuming, previous video copy detection research used either small-scale datasets or large datasets with simulated(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm based on pattern-list analysis is proposed for page segmentation and classification. There are three steps in the algorithm: the bounding rectangle location, the pattern formation and the pattern classification, after which the patterns that may be wrongly classified are further classified by their contextual information.(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution is able to greatly reduce dependence on infrastructure servers and scale up to the demand of the Internet video era. However, the rapid growth of P2P applications has also created immense burden on service providers by generating significant ISP-unfriendly traffic, such as cross-ISP and inter-POP traffic. In this(More)
While BitTorrent has been successfully used in peer-to-peer content distribution, its performance is limited by the fact that typical internet users have much lower upload bandwidths than download bandwidths. This asymmetry in bandwidth results in the overall average download speed of a BitTorrent-like file down-load system to be bottle-necked by the much(More)
We investigate the design of fountain codes with good intermediate performance and built-in unequal error protection for low-delay video multicast. In particular, we design novel short-blocklength fountain codes for media streaming applications to multiple heterogeneous receivers and analyze their performance. Our theoretical contribution is the(More)