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This survey was a retrospective of a 16-year (1993–2008) study on the incidence, clinical features, and etiological agents of tinea capitis mainly representing the Southeastern China. The diagnosis was confirmed by direct microscopic examination. Eight hundred and sixty-six patients with tinea capitis, 381 males (44%) and 485 females (56%), were enrolled in(More)
The task of partial copy detection in videos aims at finding if one or more segments of a query video have (transformed) copies in a large dataset. Since collecting and annotating large datasets of real partial copies are extremely time-consuming, previous video copy detection research used either small-scale datasets or large datasets with simulated(More)
Recently, a new class of distributed source coding (DSC) based video coders has been proposed to enable lowcomplexity encoding. However, to date, these low-complexity DSC-based video encoders have been unable to compress as efficiently as motion-compensated predictive coding based video codecs, such as H.264/AVC, due to insufficiently accurate modeling of(More)
While BitTorrent has been successfully used in peerto-peer content distribution, its performance is limited by the fact that typical internet users have much lower upload bandwidths than download bandwidths. This asymmetry in bandwidth results in the overall average download speed of a BitTorrent-like file download system to be bottle-necked by the much(More)
Predictive video codecs such as MPEG and H.26x are very susceptible to prediction mismatch between encoder and decoder or "drift" when there are packet losses, leading to a significant reduction in the decoded quality. In this paper, we propose a method to reduce the drift in these codecs by sending extra information over a side-channel. Using principles(More)
In this paper, a simple and efficient 3D surface reconstruction algorithm which can be implemented on mid or low-end computers is proposed. In this algorithm, the 3D images are obtained by a depth motion sensing device named Kinect. Data from region of interests are obtained by segmenting images whose k-neighbor relationship is established with a(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming over the Internet plays an important role in reshaping today's Internet traffic. The performance of a P2P system is typically bottlenecked by the limited upload bandwidth of the participating peers, which typically have asymmetric upload/download bandwidth connections to the Internet. Increasing the streaming bitrate in(More)
The increasing adoption of Graphic Process Unit (GPU) to computation-intensive workloads has stimulated a new computing paradigm called GPU cloud (e.g., Amazon’s GPU Cloud), which necessitates the sharing of GPU resources to multiple tenants in a cloud. However, state-ofthe-art GPU virtualization techniques such as gVirt still suffer from non-trivial(More)