Jiajuan Liang

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High-dimensional data with a small sample size, such as microarray data and image data, are commonly encountered in some practical problems for which many variables have to be measured but it is too costly or time consuming to repeat the measurements for many times. Analysis of this kind of data poses a great challenge for statisticians. In this paper, we(More)
In business data analysis, it is well known that the comparison of several means is usually carried out by the F-test in analysis of variance under the assumption of independently collected data from all populations. This assumption, however, is likely to be violated in survey data collected from various questionnaires or time-series data. As a result, it(More)
Maximum likelihood is commonly used for estimation of model parameters in analysis of two-level structural equation models. Constraints on model parameters could be encountered in some situations such as equal factor loadings for different factors. Linear constraints are the most common ones and they are relatively easy to handle in maximum likelihood(More)
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