Jiajing Zhuo

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The purpose of this paper is to implement parallel test in the single processor auto test system and to improve the test efficiency with a lower test cost. The main factor that impacts the test efficiency of test system is the performance of the parallel task scheduling algorithm. This paper puts forward a heuristic parallel task scheduling algorithm:(More)
Considering the deficiencies of low accuracy and poor real-time capability in traditional UAV target location, a method of high precision localization of UAV image sequences based on DEM matching is proposed. By calculating the DEM data of aviation reconnaissance area in advance, the image sequences from UAV television reconnaissance are corrected, then by(More)
In order to meet the requirement of accurate and fast camera calibration, a method of high precision detection based on X corners is proposed. The 2-dimensional chessboard target is used as a template, in which, the sub-pixel coordinates of the X corners are extracted by using the Harris operator, so as to calculate the calibration parameters of the camera.(More)
Considering the target location accuracy of the UAV airborne photoelectric platform, a parallelism detection method of optical axes was proposed, which including the design of collimating optical system and infrared up-conversion target. Digital image processing technology was utilized to realize the automatic, convenient and safe detection for the optical(More)
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