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This paper presents an overview of an ongoing NSF-sponsored project for the study of runtime systems and compilers to support the development of efficient OpenMP parallel programs for distributed memory systems. The first part of the paper discusses a prototype compiler, now under development, that will accept OpenMP and will target TreadMarks, a Software(More)
Producing efficient parallel programs for distributed memory multiprocessors is a difficult task. Hand-coding efficient parallel programs for these systems can be extremely difficult, time consuming and error-prone, so people have turned to the shared memory abstraction and automatic parallelizing compilers to ease the task. The two main approaches to this(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce recent progress on diagnosis and treatment of benign symmetric lipomatosis (BSL). METHOD Detailed clinical data of 6 patients with BSL were reviewed and analyzed. We present a summary of the clinical symptoms, physical sign, diagnosis and therapeutic methods of BSL. And related literatures were discussed together. RESULT All of 6(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to provide a new and comprehensive anatomic study of the posterior clinoid process (PCP) as well as data for PCP location to guide the surgeons in endoscopic surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Computed tomography angiography images of 120 PCPs and structures around them in adults were reviewed. The measurement was on coronal,(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the diagnosis and treatment of child cervical and thoracic angio lymphoma. METHOD Three cases of huge cervicothoracic angio lymphoma were performed by cervicothoracic approach and median split of sternum under general anesthesia. RESULT The pathological diagnosis of three cases were angio lymphoma, and there was no recurrence and(More)
The maxillary sinus is the largest paranasal sinuses. Foreign bodies of nosal sinus can caused by car accidents, firearm attacks, or iatrogeniccause. We reported two rare cases of foreign body of pulp needle and loach. The clinical manifestations might include facial numbness, facial paresthesia, swelling, nasal congestion, facial pain, eye discomfort,(More)
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