Jiajie Gong

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Deoxynivalenol (DON) has broad toxicity in animals and humans. In this study the impact of DON treatment on apoptotic pathways in PC12 cells was determined. The effects of DON were evaluated on (i) typical indicators of apoptosis, including cellular morphology, cell activity, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) release, and apoptosis ratio in PC12 cells, and on(More)
There are many RSSI-based localization algorithms for wireless sensor networks (WSN). This paper proposes a RSSI-based refinement of the optimization mechanism (BROM) based on multi-dimensional scaling (MDS). The basic idea of the algorithm is that establishing sub-areas for localization to ensure the processing of localization can be completed(More)
Data aggregation in wireless sensor networks eliminates data redundancy, thereby improving bandwidth usage and energy utilization. This paper presents a data aggregation algorithm, called MRDWA (Multi-Role Dynamic Weighting Aggregation), it mainly used in event driven WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks). MRDWA is based on cluster topology structure, and use(More)
Based on event driven district monitor is a typical model application in wireless sensor networks. There are two types of data in the network. One is periodic monitor data which carries on supervision to the state of network; the other is event message which is sent when the event happens. This paper is based on cluster topology structure, and aims at(More)
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