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The paper presents a visualization prototype that tackles the issue of public emotion. It emphasizes the exploration process in the aim of creating reflections for the viewer to observe the whole social context as well as individual perspectives. Urban traffic conversation on SNS (Social Networking Site) is our current interest. The prototype we present is(More)
The paper presents City Flow, an urban traffic visualization prototype based on real post streams captured from Sina Weibo, the most popular social networking site in China. With the increasingly pervasive use of online social networks in China, these new channels attract more users than conventional social media. People use them to seek comments and points(More)
TP53 also known as p53 is a tumor suppressor gene mutated in a variety of cancers. P53 is involved in cell cycle, apoptosis and DNA repair mechanisms and is thus tightly controlled by many regulators. Recently, strategies to treat cancer have focused on the development of MDM2 antagonists to induce p53 stabilization and restore cell death in p53 non-mutated(More)
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