Jiajia Luo

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Human action recognition based on the depth information provided by commodity depth sensors is an important yet challenging task. The noisy depth maps, different lengths of action sequences, and free styles in performing actions, may cause large intra-class variations. In this paper, a new framework based on sparse coding and temporal pyramid matching (TPM)(More)
— Energy infrastructure is a critical underpinning of modern society. To ensure its safe and healthy operation, a wide-area situational awareness system is essential to provide high-resolution understanding of the system dynamics such that proper actions can be taken in time in response to power system disturbances and to avoid cascading blackouts. This(More)
—Multi-view human action recognition has gained a lot of attention in recent years for its superior performance as compared to the single view recognition. In this paper, we propose algorithms for the real-time realization of human action recognition in distributed camera networks (DCNs). We first present a new method for fast calculation of motion(More)
The interval linear programming (IvLP) 1 is a method for decision making under uncertainty. A weak feasible solution to IvLP is called weakly optimal if it is optimal for some scenario of the IvLP. One of the basic and difficult tasks in IvLP is to check whether a given point is weak optimal. In this paper, we investigate linear programming problems with(More)