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Stress in adolescence has been widely demonstrated to have a lasting impact in humans and animal models. Developmental risk and protective factors play an important role in the responses to stress in adulthood. Mild-to-moderate stress in adolescence may resist the negative impacts of adverse events in adulthood. However, little research on resilience has(More)
Keyword extraction is to automatically extract keywords that capture the main topic discussed in a given document. In this paper, a new keyword extraction algorithm based on sequential patterns is proposed. By preprocessing, a document is represented as sequences of words where a sequential pattern mining algorithm is applied on, and important sequential(More)
The rs1137070 polymorphism of monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) is associated with alcoholism and smoking behavior. However, the association between rs1137070 and heroin addiction remains unclear. In this study, we examined the allelic distribution of rs1137070 in 1,035 heroin abusers and 2,553 healthy controls and investigated the interactive effects of rs1137070(More)
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