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Data mining can be described as " making better use of data ". Every human being is increasingly faced with unmanageable amounts of data, hence, data mining or knowledge discovery apparently affects all of us. It is therefore recognized as one of the key research areas. Ideally, we would like to develop techniques for " making better use of any kind of data(More)
There is large amount of financial data that are generated and evaluated at a high speed. These financial data is coming continuously, changing with time and may be unpredictable. Therefore there is a critical need for automated approaches to effective and efficient utilization of large amount of data to support companies and individuals for(More)
Human-centered computing has been described as " an emerging field that aims at bridging the existing gaps between the various disciplines involved with the design and implementation of computing systems that support people's activities " 1. Information visualization is certainly one of the disciplines in the center of human-centered computing 2. Or is it?(More)
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