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For the momentum wheel control system of satellite, a method to design sliding mode observers for reconstructing actuator fault is presented. It uses the equivalent output injection concept to explicitly reconstruct fault signals, and uses concept to design the sliding motion so that the effect of the uncertainty on the reconstruction of the faults will be(More)
In this paper, a new method is proposed for predicting the future evolution of a time series of spacecraft telemetry data. Because such a time series has usually a non-stationary trend, nonlinear functional relationship between inputs and outputs and other uncertainties, an appropriate prediction model for spacecraft data is needed to set up. To this end,(More)
Fuzzy temporal association rules can take into account the temporal requirements of the user which tend to be ill-defined or uncertain. However, fuzzy temporal association rules still have some shortcomings: firstly, neglecting the effect of all kinds of potential negative examples that affect its expression capability; secondly, probably showing no(More)
Considering the drawbacks of traditional adjustment method without calculating possible nonlinear between rotor adjustments and fuselage vibration signals, a new rotor adjustment method based on general regression neural network (GRNN) and genetic algorithm is presented. GRNN network is employed to model the relationship of the rotor adjustments and(More)
With the development of the aircraft hydraulic power supply system towards high pressure and large load, Fluid-borne vibration in piping systems leads to serious problems. Because of pump’s periodic flow pulsation and fluid-structure interaction, mechanical fatigue can readily take place. Traditionally, passive pulsation dampers have been used to(More)
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