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Most sentence embedding models typically represent each sentence only using word surface, which makes these models indiscriminative for ubiquitous homonymy and polysemy. In order to enhance representation capability of sentence, we employ conceptualization model to assign associated concepts for each sentence in the text corpus, and then learn conceptual(More)
Lilium lancifolium, a very important cold-resistant wild flower for lily cold resistance breeding, is widely distributed in southwestern and northeastern China. To gain a better understanding of the cold signaling pathway and the molecular metabolic reactions involved in the cold response, we performed a genome-wide transcriptional analysis using RNA-Seq.(More)
Oriental hybrid lily ‘Sorbonne’ was used to investigate molecular changes during the storage at 4 °C for dormancy-release besides physiology metabolic activity observations. In physiological mechanism, endogenous abscisic acid (ABA) concentration level of lily bulbs decreased as the cold preservation time increased, and it kept at a stable level after being(More)
Plants have continually confrontation with different abiotic stresses, including salt, low temperature, drought or hormone stress. The plants acclimate to the environmental stresses relating with the falls of the molecular mesh including the stress signal receiver, signal transcriptional regulation and the expression of functional and structure genes. Using(More)
The excited states of the 70Ge nucleus in radioactive decay of 70As were investigated. Four new transitions with 1036.99, 1196.66, 1539.29 and 2531.7 keV have been found. The placement of 2219.34 keV transition has been reassigned, three gamma-rays with 496.74, 1295.24 and 1417.24 keV have been placed in the decay scheme for the first time, and the(More)
In our review, we highlighted the progresses made in molecular breeding of lily’s flowering, including the ABCDE models, the gene cloning, the establishment of regeneration system, the gene transformation methods, the transgene technology application in lily. Meanwhile, questions that were met at present in molecular breeding in flowering of lily were(More)
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