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A semi-lumped output transformer for fully-integrated RF CMOS power amplifier is proposed in this paper. We analyze and design the transformer with the even mode and odd mode method. To demonstrate this transformer, a 2.5 GHz CMOS power amplifier is implemented with 0.18 mum and 2.5/3.5 GHz dual band 0.13 mum RF CMOS process used for WiMax application are(More)
This paper presents an extended behavioral model for the modeling of microwave amplifiers, namely harmonics dynamic X-parameters. This model aims at providing a powerful analysis capability for the prediction of fundamental and harmonic large-signal responses with long-term memory effects for the power amplifier. Several major problems faced by current(More)
Parity-time (PT) symmetric structures present the unidirectional invisibility at the spontaneous PT-symmetry breaking point. In this paper, we propose a PT-symmetric circuit consisting of a resistor and a microwave tunnel diode (TD) which represent the attenuation and amplification, respectively. Based on the scattering matrix method, the circuit can(More)
Fano resonance presents an asymmetric line shape formed by an interference of a continuum coupled with a discrete autoionized state. In this paper, we show several simple circuits for Fano resonances from the stable-input impedance mechanism, where the elements consisting of inductors and capacitors are formulated for various resonant modes, and the(More)
This paper presents the results of our research in the field of frequency selective surface in recent years. Aiming at the traditional passive frequency selective surface (FSS) in this paper, we mainly do two aspects of research work, which is the research of the small frequency selective surface and the research of the ultra wide band frequency selective(More)
Metamaterials has inspired many novel physical mechanism and applications for the past decades. In these cases, the thickness of metamaterial is a must to achieve the unique electromagnetic response, which will definitely result in bulky structures and the accompanying loss, especially in microwave region. In this paper, our efforts in planar metasurface(More)
In this paper, analytical expressions of the input reflection coefficient at the source and the load ports of a two-port active microwave component are proposed. It utilizes the load-dependent X-parameters in the development of these expressions. In contrast to the classical small-signal S-parameters based approach, the cross frequency conversions and(More)
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