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Speaker identification on the SCOTUS corpus
This paper reports the results of our experiments on speaker identification in the SCOTUS corpus, which includes oral arguments from the Supreme Court of the United States. Our main findings are asExpand
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Speech activity detection on youtube using deep neural networks
Speech activity detection (SAD) is an important first step in speech processing. Commonly used methods (e.g., frame-level classification using gaussian mixture models (GMMs)) work well underExpand
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Towards an integrated understanding of speaking rate in conversation
We investigate factors that affect speaking rate in conversation, using large corpora of conversational telephone speech in English and Chinese. We find that speaking rate as a function of “turn”Expand
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F0 declination in English and Mandarin Broadcast News Speech
Abstract This study investigates F 0 declination in broadcast news speech in English and Mandarin Chinese. The results demonstrate a strong relationship between utterance length and declinationExpand
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Investigating /l/ variation in English through forced alignment
We present a new method for measuring the "darkness" of /l/, and use it to investigate the variation of English /l/ in a large speech corpus that is automatically aligned with phones predicted fromExpand
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Perception of Mandarin intonation
  • Jiahong Yuan
  • Computer Science
  • International Symposium on Chinese Spoken…
  • 15 December 2004
This study investigates how tone and intonation, and how focus and intonation, interact in intonation type (statement versus question) identification. A perception experiment was conducted on aExpand
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Automatic phonetic segmentation using boundary models
This study attempts to improve automatic phonetic segmentation within the HMM framework. Experiments were conducted to investigate the use of phone boundary models, the use of precise phoneticExpand
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Pitch accent prediction: effects of genre and speaker
To build a robust pitch accent prediction system, we need to understand the effects of speech genre and speaker variation. This paper reports our studies on genre and speaker variation in pitchExpand
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Automatic Measurement and Comparison of Vowel Nasalization across Languages
We used an innovative technique to measure the trajectories of vowel nasality in three languages: English, Mandarin, and Portuguese. An SVM classifier was trained on MFCC parameters at five positionsExpand
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