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A novel high dynamic range image enhancement algorithm based on guided image filter
Abstract The focal plane size of modern CCD/CMOS camera is getting bigger and bigger, that is to say, more and more pixels have been integrated on the focal plane array. Under this advance inExpand
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Quantum-limited timing jitter characterization of mode-locked lasers by asynchronous optical sampling.
We demonstrate a novel time domain timing jitter characterization method for ultra-low noise mode-locked lasers. An asynchronous optical sampling (ASOPS) technique is employed, allowing timing jitterExpand
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Optical–Optical Synchronization Between Two Independent Femtosecond Yb-Fiber Lasers With 10 –20 Instability in 105 s
Optical–optical synchronization between independent mode-locked lasers with attosecond timing precision is essential for arbitrary electric-field waveform generation, subcycle optical pulseExpand
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Timing jitter analysis for mode-locked lasers by asynchronous optical sampling
We demonstrate a simple sub-femtosecond precision timing jitter measurement method for mode-locked lasers based on the time scaling effects of asynchronous optical sampling. Expand
Steering wheel angle filtering based on wavelet transform
Traditional filtering methods can't eliminate the effect of interfering signals on steering wheel angle and extract useful signal effectively.Regarding to this, a new method based on wavelet transform is presented. Expand
Design and Implementation of Turtle Breeding System Based on Embedded Container Cloud
We use Docker to build a cloud environment and Docker Swarm as a container management technology, and adopt openFaas architecture to complete the serverless integration of virtual container cloud and embedded devices. Expand