Jiahai Liu

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Cloud computing can appeal for applications with a high degree of computational complexity and dynamics. And it can help users decrease their investments for their own IT infrastructure. So it is good for small and medium enterprises. In this paper, we propose to design and implement a logistics information management system based on Google cloud computing(More)
Sparse projections are an effective way to reduce the exposure to radiation during X-ray CT imaging. However, reconstruction of images from sparse projection data is challenging. This paper introduces a new sparse transform, referred to as S-transform, and proposes an accurate image reconstruction method based on the transform. The S-transform effectively(More)
For multi-core embedded systems, the traditional load balancing leads to lavish power consumption by fully utilizing all cores. This paper proposes a novel load unbalancing strategy based on periodic and aperiodic tasks in hard real-time multi-core embedded systems to reduce power consumption. The scheduling architecture uses a two-level scheduling scheme.(More)
This study attempts to invest the differences in movement coordination between children with ADHD and healthy children using two-way ANOVA. The experimental tasks are divided into simple task and complex task. The goal of the experiments is to study the interaction in hand movements' rhythm, accuracy and error key response between task difficulty and(More)
To compare the difference of auditory and visual sustained attention between children with ADHD and normal children over time, the study establishes time series dynamic model of the auditory-visual sustained attention of children with ADHD and the relationship between children's attention and time. The goal of the study is to predict the behavior of ADHD(More)
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